The Wisdom Experience is about inner wisdom, personal transformation and the natural world. We have this inner guidance system that we can tap into to help us make better decisions in life and in business. Some people call it intuition. Others call it the sixth sense. Still others refer to it as the subconscious or higher self. It's that really quiet voice inside your head that is always on hand to offer you guidance. Often the voice is so quiet that we dismiss it or don't have enough confidence in ourselves to trust the voice. Plus this voice is competing against much louder voices like our Ego or the judgemental voice of our past influences like our parents or other authority figures. The good news is our inner guide is patient and is always available for counsel. We just have to learn to trust and listen to our inner guide and act on the inner wisdom we receive even if it is contrary to what our ego self wants. My goal for this podcast is to help you navigate your way to a more enriched life as you journey towards wholeness.
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